The High 5 Principles of Life

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  • My Birth

    My Birth
    At around 5:00 o'clock in the morning, a beautiful child by the name of Azqa Iqbal, was born in the city of Faisalabad, in Pakistan. I lived in Pakistan the first five months of my life, before I went to Saudi Arabia right before I moved to Canada.
  • From Saudi Arabia to Canada

    From Saudi Arabia to Canada
    When I was just five months old, my family and I packed up all of our things and moved from Saudi Arabia to Canada. Although I don't remember it, I do know that the move cost my dad a good job he really liked. The move was so my siblings and I could get a good education and good healthcare in Canada. The two countries are really different from each other and took some time to adjust to, but we eventually did it.
  • Birth of My Sister

    Birth of My Sister
    My little sister was born when I was four years old. Although I don't remember this well, I do remember that I knew that her birth meant a lot less attention for me, which isn't a child's happiest thought. This was also when I realized that I'd also have to help take care of her, as I wasn't the youngest kid anymore.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    The first day of school is really one to remember. Although most people don't remember it, I can remember it like it was just yesterday. I walked into the building, without my parents, and knowing nobody. When I got to my classroom, I remember my teacher introducing us to other people and I befriended other children really fast. My first day of school is a really great experience and I'm glad I had it!
  • My Cousin

    My Cousin
    At the mere age of twenty four, my cousin, Salman, had passed away in a car crash. When I heard of the news, I realized how precious life is and how wasting time is definitely not a choice one has. Although I was only nine years old, I knew not to take anything for granted anymore, as your life could be taken away from you even at a young age. This is one of the events that greatly influenced me.
  • Compromise and Sacrifice

    Compromise and Sacrifice
    One of the most important lessons I learned in life was that compromise and sacrifice are two very key things. I learned this lesson while watching a movie and I'll never forget it. To make something work, you need to sacrifice something, whether this be time, a vacation, or even a relationship. You also need to compromise a little, whether this be with work hours or even with your own family and friends.
  • Farewell

    Roy H. Crosby, my elementary school from grade 4-6, ended after grade 6. This meant that all grade sixes had a "farewell" which was kind of like a small graduation. Basically, you would say farewell to grade 6 and go to another school for grade 7 and beyond. For me, farewell wasn't just saying good-bye to my school, but I also said good-bye to some of my closest friends. This was one of the years that I remember most, just because I had made so many great friends at Crosby.
  • My Brother's Wedding

    My Brother's Wedding
    Although my brother and his wife still live with us today, it was definitely a change in my life. After my brother got married, nothing was the same anymore. I felt as if we couldn't talk about certain things anymore, we couldn't do certain things anymore, and we always had to work to impress my sister-in-law and her family. Even after a little more than seven months, it still feels different. However , this is something I will learn to adjust to, as change is always happening anyways.
  • Graduation

    My grade 8 graduation was really a day to remember. Although I had only been at Boxwood P.S. for two years, I had become so close to the people there, half of which I was leaving so I could go to Markville S.S. I knew that grade 9 would feel much different then grade 8, but it was all part of a change that I needed to adapt to.
  • First Day of Grade 9

    First Day of Grade 9
    I knew that the transition from grade 8 to grade 9 would be different, but I still wasn't prepared for it. When I got to high school, it was much different than I thought. I wasn't used to the freedom of being able to go anywhere at lunch or the fact that you have four different teachers in a day that taught four different subjects. I wasn't used to the idea of having only a few of my friends per class, but I eventually adjusted and I'm loving high school much more than elementary!
  • My Sisters Leaving

    My Sisters Leaving
    After my older sister, Fatima, graduated from high school, she had plans of going to Western University. Of course, commuting two hours wasn't reasonable so she had to move to London, ON. My oldest sister, Warda, was starting first year of medical school, which required her to be close to university, which meant she was moving to Downtown, Toronto. This was the year I knew I had to help take even more care of my little sister and I was now the sister she looked to for help.
  • First Time Volunteering

    First Time Volunteering
    Although it's not very important, I think my first time volunteering was an experience I will always remember. I volunteered for the first time at the Markham Fair, with no one I knew. People who volunteered with me didn't have the same shifts as me so I had to do it all by myself. I had a really great time volunteering and helped little kids, which I then realized I really enjoyed doing. I hope to have more volunteer experiences like this!
  • High 5 Principles of Life

    High 5 Principles of Life
    Of all the life lessons I've learned in life, I think the High 5 Principles of Life was the most important. In this lesson, I learned five key "rules" one needs to follow to be successful and move forward in life. I'm really lucky to know these rules before I choose an occupation and before I get jobs and careers. The High 5 Principles of Life are actually really useful and beneficial to learn and I advise everyone to learn them at an early age.
  • My Dad

    My Dad
    I don't know how many times I've said this, but my dad is one of my role models and influences. He's someone I always look to for help and he fits my definition of successful. I can't imagine what life would be without him and I'm glad I have him to look up to and ask questions about jobs, careers, and even occupations.
  • My Mom

    My Mom
    My mother is one of my influences. She's someone who's always there for me and has been making me breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past fifteen years. My mom is such an inspiration because she was able to raise five kids, including the amazing Azqa. My mom's goal in life is to have five successful kids by the ages of 25. I'm so proud to be able to call my mom, mom.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I would like to have my first job at the age of 16. Although it's a bit early, I would like to be able to make money and have some money in my account by the time I go into university. This job, however, doesn't really have to do with the Arts or even Oncology. It's just a job on the side which will help me make money. Hopefully, though, I enjoy my job and it won't distract me from school.
  • Skills for Improvement

    Skills for Improvement
    By the end of the year, I would love to improve on my people skills and initiative. Although, I have improved in the past two years, there's always room for more improvement! I would also like to improve on responsibility, even if I am a very responsible student.
  • Travelling

    One of my goals is to visit at least ten different countries by the age of eighteen. I wish to be able to experience life in different cultures and countries. So far, I've visited Greece (but I don't remember it), Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (don't remember it), and the United States of America. More specifically, I want to tour Europe, especially England!
  • Graduation

    Graduate high school with an average of 85% or higher. My goal is to make the honour roll in grade 12.
  • Community Hours

    Community Hours
    By the end of grade 12, I would like to have completed a minimum of 300-400 community volunteer hours. Maybe the hours won't benefit me in any way, except for that fact that I helped other people with no reward back.
  • University.

    I would like to get into a good university, preferably one close to home. Although I would like to move out, commuting a few hours to get home is better than not being able to come home at all.
  • Sciences and Maths

    Sciences and Maths
    Although I'm not the strongest in the subjects of science and math, they are essential in the process of becoming an Oncologist. My main goal is to get over my fear of blood and become an Oncologist, as it is my dream. My grades and performance in science and math will determine whether I can become an Oncologist or not, so I consider it as a factor that affects my work options.
  • The Arts

    The Arts
    Although I want to become an Oncologist, I also want a job on the side of an artist. I love the arts and I can see myself painting and sculpting in the future, maybe during vacations or summers. I don't, however, want an artist to be my main goal as I don't think it's a very viable occupation.
  • Driving

    I want to learn how to drive and get my G1 and G2 by the age of 19. Even though I can start learning at the age of 18, I would still be in high school and would like to focus on my education. By the age of 19, I will be in first year of university and will, hopefully, have some extra time to learn how to drive.