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The Development of the Periodic Table - YoungYoo Kim

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    The Development of the Periodic Table

  • John Dobereiner (Germany)

    John Dobereiner (Germany)
    Developed 'triads', groups of 3 elements with similar properties.
    - Li, Na & P formed a triad.
    - Ca, St & Ba formed a triad.
    - Cl B & I formed a triad.
  • John Newlands (British)

    John Newlands (British)
  • Demitri Mendeleev

    Demitri Mendeleev
    Produced a table based on atomic weights but arranged 'periodically' with elements with similar properties under each other. Gaps were left for elements that were unknown at that time and their properties predicted (the elements were gallium, scandium and germanium). The order of elements was re-arranged if their properties dictated it, eg, tellerium is heavier than iodine but comes before it in the Periodic Table.
  • Lothar Meyer (Germany)

    Lothar Meyer (Germany)
    Compiled a Periodic Table of 56 elements based on the periodicity of properties such as molar volume when arranged in order of atomic weight.
  • Lord Rayleigh (John William Strutt, British)

    Lord Rayleigh (John William Strutt, British)
    Reported the discovery of a new gaseous element named argon which proved to be chemically inert.
  • William Ramsey (Scotland)

    William Ramsey (Scotland)
    Discovered the Noble Gases.
  • Henry Mosley (British)

    Henry Mosley (British)
    Determined the atomic number of each of the elements.
    He modified the 'Periodic Law' to read that the properties of the elements vary periodically with their atomic numbers.
  • Henry Moseley

    Henry Moseley
    Predicted that there were 3 unknown elements between aluminium and gold and concluded there were only 92 elements up to and including uranium.
    "Moseley's Law" - picture
  • Glenn Seaborg (USA)

    Glenn Seaborg (USA)
    -Synthesised transuranic elements (the elements after uranium in the periodic table)
    -Discovered 94 to 102th elements
    -106th element named a Seaborgium(Sg) in his honor