The Perfect Love Story❤️

  • We met

    We met
    When it all began, we were two strangers who met in a prayer meeting to glorify the lord during the pandemic, but what we didnt know back then that our daddy in heaven was preparing for something amazinggg❤️❤️
  • First Call

    First Call
    We started sharing things with each other, we were becoming really good friends, she was becoming my bestfriend❤️
  • First walk

    First walk
    This is kind of our thing to walk and talk, especially in our beloved maryland, but this was the first time we took a walk together and talked about big stuff it was amazing, this day i knew that the beautiful smart kind girl i was walking with is becoming a really good friend of mine, she didnt had the same impression then but msh moshklaa we are really in love now❤️
  • Period: to

    We Found It

    This was when baby mathew was born,she was here to help her sister in cairo, we started talking and seeing each other..we started having coffee together praying together take walks everyday we were getting closer and closer we started talking everyday sharing a lot of things:) started to feel like each one of us began to find what he was always looking for something very special and so real something will make everything beautiful,
    We found a friend a partner a lover WE FOUND EACH OTHER!!❤️
  • Memooo came to our world

    Memooo came to our world
    On this day Mathew was born, this beautiful lovely boy, and marmora came to cairo to be with her sister flfatra di, w aw2at kanet btnzel tshof her new friend Sammy:)❤️
  • Maybe we were lovers long before we knew

    Maybe we were lovers long before we knew
    It was just a normal day,she was not so well but we thought we could take a walk but i was meeting mark so we took him with us and went to have coffee at beano’s we talked a little then mark had to leave, and then we had an amazing night,prayers,dinner,laughter it was so romantic.even though we didnt realize it,we were just two good friends having a good time we thought but now I remember that day as she was mine all from the beginning.i think really everything was meant to be from the start❤️
  • Ending a year bestfriends❤️

    Ending a year bestfriends❤️
    By that time we were bestfriends, we talk everyday, we share our thoughts, the revelations we get, we pray together, and we go to meetings together, it started to be “We”.
    We were going lhaflet dr nader bt3t elnew year, we bought together this beautiful dress for her, and mama 3mltlna coffiat nlbs-ha kman m3 b3d, w kman z3elna shwia w etsale7na w salena w kol haga, i need like a 1000 letter llgowaia:’(
    Elmohm en we were including each other in everything now, she became my BESTfriend❤️
  • A gift, a letter and a hug❤️

    A gift, a letter and a hug❤️
    A cold winter night, a warm lighting and the smell of good coffee fills the place, she stood waiting for me with a brownie tree and a letter she wrote for me, she was so beautiful, she deserved to be hugged(i hugged her btw):D, i was falling for that kind heart that beautiful smile and that smart sexy girl❤️
  • Collage pic

    Collage pic
    Just wanted to share this collage of some of the pics we took during the time we started to find our missing parts in each other:)
  • I want more than friends

    I want more than friends
    She was leaving cairo, roht awslha 3shan trkab llmansoura bas this time was different, something was different inside me, i was so excited, of course not because she was leaving but because i wanted to tell everyone about her, tell them that i can’t stop thinking of her, howa ana keda sah ? I wanted to ask.
    And then i was told that its okayy, i was so happyy and i am so happy since then❤️