National FFA Organization

  • eli whitney

    eli whitney
    In 1793 Eli Whitney developed the cotton gin.
  • reaper invented

    reaper invented
    In July od 1831 Cyrus Mccormick invented the reaper.
  • Barbed Wire

    Barbed Wire
    In 1874 Joseph glidden invented barbed wire.
  • Anna Baldwin

    Anna Baldwin
    Anna Baldwin invents a miliking machine that milks cows in 1879.
  • Benjamin Holt tractor

    Benjamin Holt tractor
    In 1904 Benjamin Holt invented the tractor. It was used to work the deep peat soils.
  • Smith Hughes act

    Smith Hughes act
    Established funding for vocational agriculture in high school.
  • Virginia starts future farmers clubs for boy

    Virginia starts future farmers clubs for boy
    In 1920 virginia was the first state to have future farmers clubs for boys.
  • FFA becomes a national organization

    FFA becomes a national organization
    A network of teachers guided the establishment of FFA as a team effort to establish a club for boys with similar farm interests.
  • NFA is formed

    NFA is formed
    NFA (new farmers of america) was formed for black male students.
  • FFA receives federal charter

    FFA receives federal charter
    FFA became one of a few student organizations to receive a federal charter from congress (public law 740)
  • FFA and NFA

    FFA and NFA
    In 1965 FFA and the NFA merge
  • Girls allowed in FFA

    Girls allowed in FFA
    In 1969 girls were allowed in the ffa for the first time.
  • Gene gun

    Gene gun
    Between 1983- 1986 John Sanford invented the Gene gun.
  • Name change

    Name change
    The name changed from future farmers of america to national ffa organization to reflect the growing diversity in agriculture.
  • National Convention

    National Convention
    In 2012 the national convention completes 7 year run in Indianapolis and returns to Louisville Kentucky in 2013 for 3 years.