Marquis de Lafayette

  • Birth

    Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette is born at Chateau Chavaniac in southern France.
  • Fatherless

    Father dies fighting the British in The Seven Year War.
  • Schooling

    Young Marquis moves to Paris to attend College duPlessis.
  • Orphan

    Lafayette's Mother dies, leaving him an orphan.
  • King's Musketeers

    Lafayette decides to join The King's Musketeers, because of his grandfathers military ventures.
  • The Reaper Returns

    The Reaper Returns
    Lafayette's grandfather dies, leaving him a huge fortune. At 13, Marquis is one of the richest young men in Europe.
  • Marriage

    Marquis meets, and soon marries Adrienne Noailles.
  • A new goal in life

    A new goal in life
    Marquis de Lafayette meets the Duke of Gloucester, the brother of King George III. Lafayette here learns about the conflict between Britain and the colonists. Blaming the British for killing his father, Lafayette decides to join The Americans to strike back at England.
  • Declaration signed

    Declaration signed
    The Declaration of Independence is signed. Even though he isn't a colonist, Lafayette is greatly affected emotionally by this.
  • Joining the Colonists

    Joining the Colonists
    Marquis de Lafayette meets Silas Deane. Deane was chosen by The Continental Congress to recruit foreign soldiers.
  • It's official

    It's official
    Lafayette signs a contract with Silas Deane to become Major General in the patriot army. Because Congress can't pay for his travel, Marquis de Lafayette buys his own ship to travel to America.
  • Escape!

    Marquis de Lafayette failed to recieve permission to leave France. Being chased by the police, Lafayette and 12 men he recruited cross the border into Spain. Here, they board his ship and set out.
  • Land HO!

    Land HO!
    Marquis de Lafayette and his crew land in South Carolina.
  • Metting Washington

    Metting Washington
    Marquis de Lafayette arrives in Philadelphia. Lafayette is given his official title of Major General. Lafayette also meets General George Washington. The two of them develop a mutual respect of each that that lasts until the day they die.
  • First Blood

    First Blood
    Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington encounter British soldiers near Chesapeake Bay. This is the first direct conflict Lafayette has with the redcoats.
  • Period: to


    Marquis de Lafayette is shot in the leg while fighting. After being carried to Moravian Hospital, Lafayette quickly recovers.
  • Command

    Marquis de Lafayette is given command of a battalion of patriots. Under orders, he attacks a much larger group of Hessians near Gloucester, New Jersey. Against all odds, Lafayette's troops force the Hessians to retreat.
  • Valley Forge

    Valley Forge
    Lafayette fights alongside General Washington in The Battle of Valley Forge.
  • The French are Coming

    The French are Coming
    France signs a treaty of alliance to come help the colonists. Marquis de Lafayette realizes that the colonists now have a true fighting chance.
  • Great Britain Retaliates

    Great Britain Retaliates
    Great Britain responds by declaring war on France. Now Marquis is fighting for America AND his homeland.
  • Period: to

    Native Help!

    Marquis de Lafayette convince Iroquois Indians to join the patriots.
  • Period: to

    More Supplies

    Marquis de Lafayette returns to France to visit his wife. Before preparing to leave, Lafayette convinces the French government to send more supplies to aid Washington.
  • Motivation

    Casmir Pulaski, a friend of Lafayette's is killed by the British in battle. Marquis de Lafayette is re-invigorated to fight until the end.
  • It's a Boy!

    It's a Boy!
    Marquis de Lafayette sails to France to see his wife give birth to their son. He names him George Washington Lafayette.
  • Back Again

    Back Again
    Marquis de Lafayette returns to the colonies. With him, he brings 6,000 elite french troops, weapons, food, ammunition, and ships. Washington credits him for tipping the war finally in the colonists favor.
  • Period: to

    War continues

    Marquis de Lafayette continues to combat the redcoats. Finally, the colonists begin to win the majority of battles
  • Surrender

    After being surrounded by Colonists and The French, General Cornwallis head of the British army is forced to surrender. This spells the end of The American Revolution.
  • Home sweet home

    Home sweet home
    Marquis de Lafayette is allowed to return to France. Here he is reunited with his wife and baby boy
  • Period: to

    The rest of his life

    After returning to France, Lafayette participates in the war against Austria. He continues to be involved in French politics and wars for many years.
  • The End

    The End
    Marquis de Lafayette dies in Paris, 4 months shy of his 77th birthday. George Washington Lafayette scatters American soil over his grave, Lafayette rests as he wished, buried in American soil.