Lothar Meyer mcneese2

  • Date of Birth

    Born In Varel, Germany
  • Ordered elements into groups

    Ordered the elements into groups arranged in order of their atomic weights.
  • Die Theorin der Chemie

    His book Die Theorin der Chemie was published in 1864.
  • Produced a table of just 28 elements

    Produced a table of just 28 elements which he listed by their valence electrons he arranged his periodic table into families according to their valence electrons.
  • Expanded version of table

    Published a revised and expanded verison of his 1864 table.
  • First professor at University of Tubingen

    Became the first professor of chemistry at the University of Tubingen, where he served until his death.
  • Recieved the Davy Medal

    Recieved the Davy Medal from Royal Society in recognition of his work on the periodic law.
  • Date of Death

    Died April 11, 1895 in Tubingen, Germany