Life and Death of Poe

By bowpee
  • Birth of Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe is born
  • Period: to

    Life to Death

  • Poe Moves To England

    Poe moves to London, England with his foster family. There he enrolls in school, learning of a different culture and possibly inheriting a different writing style
  • Back to America

    Poe moves back to Richmond, Virginia. He is back home and is ready to resume his life back in the states
  • Poe Writes First Poem

    !5 Year old Poe writes his first poem, starting a long prosperous career (sorta)
  • Poe Goes to College

    Poe enrolls in the University of Virginia college a year after it is opened.
  • Poe Enlists in the Army

    Poe enlists in the army and publishes a book called 'Tamerlan-And Other Poems'. It was his published book
  • Southern Literary Messenger

    Poe takes a job at Southern Literary Messenger as a critic of others writing as well as publishing his own stories and poems. This takes his work into the public view
  • Lecturer

    Poe becomes a very popular lecturer, lecturing about poetry and writing. He usually sells out shows, and really shows his intelligence
  • The Raven

    Possibly Poe's most famous work, he publishes the poem "The Raven" in the New York Evening Mirror. This poem brought him the fame and fortune that he had been searching for. This poem still remains Poe's cassic poem to date
  • Poe's Death

    Poe is found in a Baltimore gutter, dead. This marks the end of the roller coaster career of Edgar Allan Poe