Josh's John Locke time line mannnnn

By jnewson
  • John Locke was born

  • Period: to

    The live of John Locke

  • Locke becomes important porfeesor oxford college

  • Locke reads the famous quote i think,there for i am

  • Anthony Ashley cooper befriends Locke

  • John Locke saves Ashleys life and lives for another 15 years

  • Locke wrote his frist daft of the essay concerning human undstanding

  • Locke ideas are linked to kill the king

  • Essay Concerning human undstanding published by John Locke

  • Locke meets sir isaac newton and they become friends

  • Two treatises of civil government by John Locke is published

  • Locke is apointed to the british borad of trade and even though his health was failing he was influentail member

  • John Locke died