John Locke- Ryan

By rbrown9
  • Date of Birth

  • Period: to

    Locke becomes very important professer at Oxford Collage after studying medicine and philosophy

  • Locke says his famous saying "I think therefore, i am

  • Lord Ashley meets and befriends Locke

  • Locke is Lord Ashley's personal physician lives for another 15 years

  • ocke asked to write the Fundemental Constitution of Carolina

  • Locke writes first draft of Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Period: to

    Locke begins to write and premote the Social Contract

  • Led revolution to arrest king, flees to Holland and Lord Ashley his arrested and some killed

  • Locke is welcomed by the king and returns to england; Englands Glorious Revolution

  • Essay of Concerning human rights is published

  • Locke meets Sir Issac Newton and become friends

  • Two Treaties of Civil overnment is published

  • Period: to

    Locke appointed to the British Board

  • John Locke dies

  • Thomas Jefferson borrows ideas to write declaration of independence