John Locke-Bray Falls

By bfalls
  • John Locke is born

  • Period: to

    Becomes professor at Oxford College

  • locke reads Rene Descartes' Discourse on the Method, and enjoys what he read

  • Locke meets the British politician Anthony Ashley Cooper

  • Locke supervises a surgery for Lord ashley that saves his life

  • Locke is asked to write the Fundemental Constitution of Carolina

  • Locke writes his first draf of the Essay Concerning Human Understanding is written

  • Period: to

    Locke's begins to write and promote the idea of a Social Contract, he may not be the first with the idea but his social status will make the idea popular

  • Locke's ideas about revolution against a government are linked to a plot to kill the king. Locke flees to Holland, many that agreed with him and Lord Ashley are arrested for treason and some are killed

  • England's Glorious Revolution; Locke is welcomed by the new king and returns to England

  • Essay Concerning Human Understanding is published by Locke

  • Locke becomes good friends with Sir Isaac Newton

  • Two Treaties of Civil Government is published by Locke

  • Period: to

    Locke is appointed to the British Board of Trade and even though his health is failing he is its most influential member

  • Thomas Jefferson uses some of Locke's ideas in the Declaration of Independence