John Locke- Alex Pimlott

  • John Locke Is Born In England

  • Period: to

    After Studying Philosophy, Medicine, Law, And Mathematics And Graduating With Multiple Degrees Locke Becomes A Very Important Professor At Oxford Collage

  • Locke Reads Rene Descartes' Discourse On The Method And Likes What He Reads. This Work Includes The Famous Quote "I Think, Therefore I Am"

  • Anthony Ashley Cooper "Lord Ashley" Who Is An Important British Politician Meets And Befriends Locke

  • Locke Who Is Now Lord Ashley's Personal Physician Supervises A Liver Operation That Saves Lord Ashley's Life And Remarkably He Lives Another 15 Years

  • Because Of Lord Ashely's Involvement In The New British Colonies In America Locke Is Asked To Write The Fundamental Contitution Of Carolina

  • Locke Writes His First Draft Of The Essay Concerning Human Understanding, In It Are Ideas On Natural Law; Based Partially On The Writings Of Others

  • Period: to

    Locke Begins To Write And Promote The Idea Of A Social Contract, He May Not Be The First With The Idea But His Social Status Will Make The Idea Popular

  • Locke's Ideas About Revolution Against A Government Are Linked To A Plot To Kill The King. Locke Flees To Holland, Many That Agreed With Him And Lord Ashley Are Arrested For Treason And Some Are Killed

  • England's Glorious Revolution; Locke Is Welcomed By The New King And Returns To England

  • Essay Concerning Human Understanding By John Lock Is Published

  • Locke Meets Sir Isaac Newton And They Become Friends

  • Two Treatises Of Civil Government By John Locke Is Published

  • Period: to

    Locke Is Appointed To The British Board Of Trade And Even Though His Health Is Failing He Is Its Most Influential Member

  • John Lock Dies

  • Thomas Jefferson Borrows From Ideas To Write The Declaration Of Independence