John Locke

By nclark4
  • John Locke was born

  • John Locke graduates with a Bachelor's degree.

    John Locke earns his Bachelor's degree in 1656.
  • John Locke earns his master's degree.

  • John Locke writes the first tract on the civil migistrate.

  • John Locke's father dies

  • John Locke writes his questions concerning the laws of nature.

    He frequently had questions about the laws of nature, But never wrote about them.
  • John Locke was elected a Fellow of The Royal society.

  • John Locke supervises an operation.

    John Locke supervises an operation for Lord Ashley when she obtained a life threatening liver infection. He coordinated the advice of several pyschians and he persuaded Lord Ashley to have the operation.
  • John Locke drafts an essay.

    John Locke drafts an essay on "Concerning the human understanding."
  • Locke is exiled in Holland.

  • John Locke returns to England escorting Princess Mary.

  • John locke write two treaties of Governement.

    These 2 treaties were published as an attack patrichalism of the theory of civil war.
  • John Locke publishes an essay.

    John Locke publishes an essay concerning human understandment. The essay is concerning the foundation on human knowledge and understanding.
  • John Locke moves to Oats

  • John locke helps the board of trade.

    John Locke helps revive the board of trade. He was the most influental person on the board.
  • John Locke gets into a contriversy with Edward Stillingfleet

    John Locke got into a controversy with Edward Stillingfleet about his essay "Concerning human understanding." He brings his attention to one of the least satasfactorys, Its explanation of the idea of substance.
  • John Locke retires from board.

    John Locke retires from the board. So he was not the most influental person on the board.
  • John Locke died

    John Locke died, October 28, 1704