John Dalton

  • Dalton Model

    Dalton Model
    John Dalton was a british chemist that concluded each element is make of atoms that are all alike. He also thought that different elements have atoms of different mass. Dalton imagined atoms as tiny, solid balls.
  • Thomson Model

    Thomson Model
    JJ Thomson discovered the electron. He later made a new model, saying that an atom is a positivly charged circle with electrons in it. His model looked like a muffin with berries or raisins in it.
  • Nagaoka Model

    Nagaoka Model
    Hantaro Nagoka is a japanese physicist who make a model of a atom that had a large circular center with a positive charge. His model showed the electrons revolving around this sphere like the planets around the sun.
  • Rutherford Model

    Rutherford Model
    Rutherford thought that an atom is mostly empty space. Electrons orbit randomly around a small, positively charged nucleus.
  • Bohr Model

    Bohr Model
    Niels Bohr made a model that showed electrons moving in specific layers or shells rather than randomly. He said that atoms absorb or give off energy when the electrons move from one shell to another.
  • Chadwick Model

    Chadwick Model
    James Chadwick discovered the neutron. The existence of nuetrons explained why atoms were heavier that the total mass of their protons and electrons.
  • The Present Modern Model

    The Present Modern Model
    The current atomic model results from work done from the 1920s tot eh present. Electrons from a negatively charged cloud around the nucleus. It is impossoble to determine exactly where an electron is at a given time.