FFA history

  • smith hughes act

    smith hughes act
    smith hughes act enabled classes for farmers in high school
  • virginia

    virginia was the first state to establish classes for FFA for boys
  • first livestock judging contest

    first livestock judging contest
    first livestock jugding contest in kansas
  • FFA goes national

    FFA goes national
    FFA becomes a national organization guided by teachers
  • national clors

    national clors
    national colors of ffa which are blue and gold are established
  • official creed

    official creed
    the official ffa creed was adopted E.M. Tiffany
  • NFA

    NFA meaning new farmers of america was formed and for black students
  • ww2

    iin 1942 during world war one only 217 people attended the meeting due to many members being in the war
  • music

    first ffa band performes
  • federal charter

    federal charter
    in 1950 FFA become one of the few student organizations to have a federal charter
  • magzines

    first ffa magazine was published
  • NFA + FFA

    NFA + FFA
    the NFA and the FFA merge together
  • girls are in

    girls are in
    girls are allowed to join FFA
  • name change

    name change
    name changed from future farmers of america to national FFA
  • national convention

    national convention
    national convention completes 7 year run in louisianna and switchs back to kenntucky for a 3 year run