History of the Atom

  • The Dolton Model

    John Dalton, a British Chemist, thought that all elements are all made up of alike atoms. Also he thought that the atoms that make up different elements, have different masses. He thought they loooked like tiny little solid balls.
  • The Thomson Model

    J.J. Thomson, a British scientist, discovered the electron. He thought that the atom had electrons within it, and that it was a postitivly charged sphere. He thought it looked like a muffin with berrys in it.
  • The Nagaoka Model

    Hantaro Nagaoka, a japenese physicist, that the atom had a postive charge, as well as a large shpere in its center. The electrons rotated around this sphere.
  • The Ruthford Model

    Ernest Ruthford, a British physicist, thought that the atom is just empty space. Also that the electrons randomly rotate around a small nucleus that is postivly charged.
  • The Bohr Model

    Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist, thought that the electrons orbit in specific layers, instead of ramdonly. He thought that when the electrons move from layer to layer, the atom gives off energy.
  • Period: to

    The Present Modern Model

    It states that electrons make a cloud around the nucleus that is negatively charged. No one knows where any electron is at any given time.