Robotics Timeline

By Ge0rge
  • 1st Important Development 1955's

    1st Important Development 1955's
    Riding off the success of the Unimate robot, Engelberger and Devol found the first dedicated robotics company, Unimation. The company would continue to innovate in such a way as to completely transform the landscape of the automotive manufacture industry, with Chrysler and Ford integrating Unimation tech into their facilities.
  • 2nd Development 1979

    2nd Development 1979
    The Stanton Cart, Development continues on Shakey the robot as interest in mobile robotics continues to increase. The Stanford Cart considerably improves the stability of movement and comes equipped with a full television camera for vision. Shakey’s successor completes an obstacle course by navigating a path through chairs and programming its own course.
  • 3rd Important Development 1993

    3rd Important Development 1993
    Dante is a robot made for different things. As a result, Carnegie University are able to start sending their 8 legged robot Dante into volcanic environments for research and exploration. Dante was made for places that no humans can go and collect info and other important things.
  • 4th Important Development 1999

    4th Important Development 1999
    Sony celebrates the end of the century with a landmark release in consumer robotics. The Sony Aibo offers users a robotic pet dog with learning and communication potential. Aibo christens a revolutionary drive in consumer robotics and technology with more affordable iterations appearing throughout the next decade. to enter the homes of everyday consumers.
  • 5th Important Development 2000

    5th Important Development 2000
    In 2,000 Honda unveiled the result of decades of research and development on humanoid robotic assistants. The ASIMO offered a 4ft 3 walking and interacting robot with the ability to recognise objects, body language, faces, and sounds and autonomous navigation.
  • 6th Important Development 2002

    6th Important Development 2002
    The Roomba made in 2002. The robotic vacuum cleaner proves the public’s interest in assistive robot technology in the home, and willingness to pay for such progress. By 2008, the Roomba has become the most commercially successful domestic robot in history and the idea of a robot in the home becomes rapidly normalised.
  • 7th Important Development 2012

    7th Important Development 2012
    NASA's R2, With development on humanoid robots proving successful over the past two decades, NASA sends their R2 Robonaut to the International Space Station on the final mission of Space Shuttle Discovery. With a near-human range of movement unprecedented in humanoid developments so far, NASA will depend on its R2 machines to complete tasks unsuitable for human astronauts as we delve further into space.
  • 8th Important Development 2013

    8th Important Development 2013
    Google and toyota come together and try and make self automated car. They test the car at Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles issues the first driving license to a robotic self-driving car. Google have developed the tech inside the car, and a Toyota Prius model is chosen as the first recipient of the license.
  • 9th Important Development 2015

    9th Important Development 2015
    Sofia the self automated talking robot was made in 2015. First appearing on a show, the quality of Sofia’s consciousness and ability to pass the Turing Test has since been questioned.
  • 10th Important Development 2018-2021

    10th Important Development 2018-2021
    A man named Elon Musk started a company named Tesla started to introduce the idea of electric cars, and also electric, everything. People wanted to who wanted to prove that people didn't need to compromise to drive electric, that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than petrol cars.