FFA Series of Events

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    FFA Timeline

    This timespan lists the events that have taken place in FFA history.
  • The Act

    The Act
    The United States Congress passed the Noational Vocational ACT. It is also know as the Smith Hughes ACT which created vocational agriculture classes throughout the country.
  • The Father

    The Father
    Henry Groseclose (Father of FFA) organized the Future Farmers of Virginia.
  • The First Livestock Contest

    The First Livestock Contest
    The first vocational agriculture students participated in National Livestock judging Contests
  • The Organization

    33 delegates met in Kansas City, from 18 different states and formed the National FFA Organization.
  • The First Convention

    This was the day of the 1st National FFA Convention.
  • The President

    The President
    The First President of FFA was Leslie Applegate.
  • The Official Colors

    The Official Colors
    The National blue and corn gold adopted as official colors.
  • The FFA Creed

    The FFA Creed
    The official FFA Creed Adopted. It was written by Erwin Milton Tiffany of Wisconsin.
  • The Speaking Event

    FFA held its 1st National Public Speaking event.
  • The Jacket

    The Jacket
    FFA adopts the blue corduroy jacket as official dress.
  • The NFA

    The New Farmers of America National Organization is founded.
  • The Purchase

    Land is purchased for the first FFA owned national headquarters.
  • The Foundation

    The National FFA Foundation founded.
  • Proficiency Awards

    The first National Proficiency Awards presented.
  • The Band

    The 1st National FFA Band performs at National Convention.
  • The Exchange Program

    The 1st International exchange program made for FFA members.
  • Public Law 740

    The 1st Federal Charter passed by Congress.
  • The Magazine

    The 1st issue of National FFA magazine "The National Future Farmer" informed students about FFA & Agriculture.
  • The Code of Ethics

    The FFA Code of Ethics is Adopted.
  • The FFA Stamp

    The 1st Commemorative FFA Stamp is issued by the US Post Office.
  • The FFA Center

    The Dedication of 1st National FFA Center in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • The Merger

    The NFA and the FFA merge together to form one group.
  • The Career Show

    The 1st FFA National Agricultural Career Show at National Convention.
  • The New Membership

    FFA Membership was opened to female students.
  • The Alumni

    The National FFA Alumni Association Formed.
  • The Handbook

    The first FFA Student handbook was published.
  • The Anniversary

    The Golden Anniversary Convention was held for the FFA.
  • The Commerorative Marker

    The commemorative marker noting site of FFA founding unveiled in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • The New Name

    At the National Convention, student leaders voted to change the name from Future Farmers of America to National FFA Organization.
  • The New Magazine

    The National Future Farmer Magazine's name is changed to FFA New Horizons.
  • The New Lands

    The Virgin Islands & Guam chartered as state associations.
  • The New Awards

    The H.O. Sargent Awards are first presented.
  • The New Dedication

    The Dedication of the National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Indiana was held.
  • The New Destination

    The National FFA Convention held for the 1st time in Lousiville, Kentucky.
  • The Creed's Event

    The 1st National Creed Speaking Event held.
  • The Degree

    The Discovery Degree became first available.
  • The Entrepreneurship Awards

    The 1st Entrepreneurship Awards are presented.