Edgar Allen Poe: A Sandwich in Time

By abilef
  • A Star is Born

    A Star is Born
    Edgar Allen Poe is born on January 19 1809
  • Period: to

    Edgar Allen Poe: A Sandwich in Time

  • The Parents, DEAD!!!!

    On December 8, 1811 A young Edgar's parents passed sadly into the yonder blue. DEAD. Killed by tuberculosis within days of each other, leaving there son orphaned. The Allen's took him in as a foster child.
  • A Great Migration

    On a boat this great migration takes place, all the way to England, and Edgar starts school.
  • The First Poem Is Written

    "A fifteen-year-old Edgar Allan Poe pens his first known poem: "Last night, with many cares & toils oppres'd,/ Weary, I laid me on a couch to rest."31" (schmoop)
  • The Forbidden Love

    The Forbidden Love
    Poe is secretly engadged to Sarah Elmira Royster
  • To Boston.... AWAYYYY!!!!

    To Boston.... AWAYYYY!!!!
    Poe goes to boston
  • Kicking Butt, Taking Names

    Poe enlists in the U.S. Army.
  • Frances is no more

    Frances Allen Dies
  • Updates On Warfare

    Promoted to Sergent Major and later discharged from the Army.
  • Expellieamace!!

    Poe is expelled from Westpoint
  • Death again

    John Allen died

    Poe marries Virginia Clemm
  • Sweet Little Wifey Dies

    Sweet Little Wifey Dies
    Virginia dies. and Poe falls ill.
  • Welconme to looney town

    Welconme to looney town
    Poe is found going crazy and delirios in Baltimore.
  • The end of a legacy

    The end of a legacy
    Edgar Allen Poe dies on October 17 1849