Development of the periodic table

  • First 60 elements were found

    By 1860 the first 60 elements of the periodic table were found.
  • Doberieners find

    Doberiener found that strontiums atomic mass falls in the middle of barium and calciums atomic mass.
  • The Law of triads

    Doberiener found that the same pattern occoured among other elements causing him to find the alkili metal triad and the halogen triad.
  • The first periodic table was published

    John Newlands created the first periodic table and got it commercially published in 1862.
  • The Law of Octaves

    An English chemist put the elements in order of atomic weight. He found that after every octave similar chemical/physical properties appered. He then proposed the law of octaves in 1863. He was the first person to create the table periodically.
  • Mendeleeves table

    Mendeleev used his degree and experience to form a new periodic table based on periods and groups based on their properties and atomic mass. He also found gaps within the table were new elements shouuld go and left them blank for later on in history.
  • The proton

    The proton was found by a chemist called rutherford.
  • Moseleys table

    Moseley used X-rays of atoms to find how many protons there are per atom. He then put them into an order but did not publish the table before he died in WW1 in 1915.
  • The 1930's Periodic Table of elements

    Moseley's, Mendeleev's, Doberiener's and Newland's findings were all put into a final table which was the foundation stone for todays Periodic Table.