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  • iron curtain speech

    iron curtain speech
    Winston churchill delivered " sinews of peace" which was a message that was heard around the world and went down into history.This happened on March 9 1946 this occurred in Westminster college. The reason it all started was with the speech he gave that went across europe
  • Truman doctrine

    Truman doctrine
    the truman doctrine harry s. truman established that the united states would provide political, military and economic assistance to all democratic nations under threat on march 12, 1947. the truman docrtine ccured in greece and turkey.This happened to help rebuilt after the war. This happened because truman told the congress that it must be the policy of the united states to support free people
  • Marshall plan

    Marshall plan
    western europe was aid because an american initiative was passed to where the united states gave over 12billion to help rebuild western european economies in the year 1948 in europe. The plan was to aid in the economic recovery of nations.The marshall plan was to halt the spread communism on the euoropean continent.
  • NATO

    29 North american and european countries were alliance for intergovermental military. A treaty that was signed on april 4th 1949 in the U.S and canada . this treaty was to prospect further communist expansion prompted by the united states.It was created by many western nations to provide collective security against the soviet union.
  • communists take over china

    communists take over china
    the communist party in china and mao zedong led a chinese communist revolution that resulted in proclamation of the peoples republic in china on october 1 1949. This was in china and mao Zedong was feeling that the current party leadership in China was moving too far in a revisionist direction. Mao zendong declared the creation of the peoples repbulic of china and the nationalists turned on the communists killing them.
  • revolt in hungary

    revolt in hungary
    The soviet leader nikita khrushchev attacked the period of joseph stalins rule in a speech and invaded hungary to stop the revolution on november 4th in hungary. It was a uprising revolt by the Hungarian people against the ruling communist party and the soviet started when thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding a more democratic political system.
  • sputnik

    The soviet union inagurated the space age with its launch of sputnik on october 4 1957. It was launched in kazakh republic and the reason this happened to correspond with the international geophysical year a solar period that scientific unions declared would be ideal for launching satellites to study the earth and solar system. It circled earth once every hour traveling 18,000 miles an hr.
  • cuban missile crisis

    cuban missile crisis
    There was a dangerous confrontation between the united states and the soviet union about the installation of the nuclear missiles in Cuba on October 1962. the Cuban missile crisis took place in Cuba and the Caribbean sea. this event happened because there was a 13-day political and military standoff over nuclear armed forces. the way it occured was that the unites states and soviet union brought a brink of nuclear conflict and the number of soviet advisors in cuba rose too 20,000
  • revolt in czechoslovakia

    revolt in czechoslovakia
    warsaw troops were involved and soviet union. 200,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 5,000 tanks invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague spring. This happened on August 20th, 1968 in Czechoslovakia. The soviet led Warsaw Pact troops in an invasion to crack down on reformists trends in Prague. soviet union and warsaw pact troops as well as other countries their forces invaded and took control of prague and other
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    Berlin Blockade

    germany and soviet union blocked the western allies, railway, road, and canal in WW2. the Berlin blockade was for people not to cross over the sectors of Berlin under western control. This happened from the year 1948 to 1949 in Berlin and the cause of this was because of the cold war. It was an attempt by the soviet union to limit the ability of france, great britain, and the united states.
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    berlin airlift

    germany believed they would drive britain, france , and the U.S out of the city berlin for good in june 1948 in berlin. truman did not want to cause WWIII so he ordered a massive airlift of supplies into west berlin. U.S and british pilots began delivering food and supplies by airplane to berlin.
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    korean war

    a war that happened between North Korea and South Korea it happened June 25, 1950, this war took place in Korea and its peninsula.The reason this started was because the communist from North Korea army crossed the 38th parallel land invaded south Koreas non-communist. kim II sungs north korean army armed soviets tanks quickly overran south korea and so the united states came to south koreas aid
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    Vietnam war

    north and south vietnam went against eachother as well as the united states. A protracted conflict that pitted the communist government of north and south vietnam known as the viet cong from 1955 to 1975.The war happened in north and south vietnam, cambodia, laos, and south asia. The conflict was intensified by the on going cold war between U.S and soviet union. After ho's communist forces took power in the north armed conflict between noerthern and southern armies.
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    great leap forward

    the party leadership mao zedong considered the conditions ripe for a great lap forward in the early 1958's in was intended to modernize the chinese economy so by 1988 china would have an economy rivaled by america
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    apollo program

    the U.S NASA landed the first humans on the moon in the 1960's and 70's and came back to earth safely.This was designed to land humas on the moon and bring them back safely to earth.this project was concieved by Eisenhower administration as a three-man spacecraft to follow the one man project.
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    cultural revolution

    the China communist leader Mao Zedong launched the cultural revolution in 1966 in China the reason this happened was to reassert Mao Zedong authority over the Chinese Government . Mao wanted to change for his country china but it affected the country in the wrong way by the deaths of its people and he responded to this whole attack from Ming dynasty and is why it caused this whole attack.