Cold war map

Canada's Role in the Cold War

  • Quebec Padlock Law

    Quebec Padlock Law
    -March 24, 1937
    -Union Nationale government of Maurice Duplessis prevented the dissemination of communist propaganda
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair
    Igor Gouzenko Testimony-Gouzenko wad born in 1919
    -was assigned to the Soviet Union Embassy in Ottawa in 1943
    -Soviet Union opperated many spy opperations in Canada
    -Gouzenko found out he was planned to be sent back to Russia, so he offered the Canadian government secret Soviet spy documents to insure he could continue living in Canada
    -18 out of 39 spy's were convicted as a result
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    Berlin Blockade-Soviet Union boke agreement with its former allies in attempt to force the allies to surrender their rights to the west side of former Germany
    -Soviet Union tried to block physical access to Berlin but Allies organized airlift to transport supplies to Berlin
    Brought tension between Soviet Union and former Allies
  • UN Peace Keeping part 1

    UN Peace Keeping part 1
    -New state of Isreal bringing tension with the Arabs
    -Arabs attack Isreal -Isreal wins
    -Truce arranged by Isreal and Arabs and managed by the UN
    -Bigger countries had intrest in Isreals land
    -Egyptians decide to take the Canal over control connecting the Red Sea and Meditranian
    -Britian France and Isreal fought Isreal to regain control of Canal
    -Soviet Union threatened to defend Egypt
    -Pearson found solution by stopping all shooting and inforcing a UN Peacekeeping forceto monitor the borders
  • UN Peacekeeping part 2

    UN Peacekeeping part 2
    -Pearson won Nobel Prize for his solution
  • NATO

    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization -Democratic coutries formed to protect National security -Protect members from Soviet aggression and to defend eachother -Soviet Union scared by NATO created Warsaw Pact made
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    Summary of the Korean War-1950-53
    -North Korea supported by China (both Communist)attacked South Korea
    -U.S supported South Korea
    -Americans called UN members to support South Korea but only 16 aided
    -Canada aided 3rd most, 25000 saw action 406 died
    -UN ensured South Koreas Independance
    Canada asked to stay afterwards to help maintain peace
  • Sputnik

    Launch of the Sutnik-Soviet Union launched first Sputnik satellite
    -It could be used to launch missile anywhere in North America easily
    -In fear of the Soviet Union, America replaced long ranged bombers with long ranged missile (aka ICBM's)
    -Soviet Union did the same thing
  • NORAD and DEW

    NORAD and DEW
    -North American Air Defence signed in 1958
    -Canada and America agreed to defend eachother
    -America built several defence installations in the North West Territories to creat the Distant Early Warning system (DEW line)
    -High power radar pick up aircraft and missiles
  • Diefenbaker, Bomarc Missiles and Nuclear Warheads in Canada

    Diefenbaker, Bomarc Missiles and Nuclear Warheads in Canada
    -PC government of Diefenbaker deployed 56 American Bomarc missiles in Ontario and Quebec
    -Canadian public not made aware brought tension
    -1960 Diefenbaker baned nuclear weapons in Canada
    -1963 Pearsons Liberal government came to power accepting nuclear weapons
  • Avro Arrow

    Avro Arrow
    First Flight for the Avro Arrow-Technically advanced fighter jet
    -canadian built
    -Diefenbaker'g government cancled opperation because of not nuclear warhead policy
    -cost 14000 canadians their jobs
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuban Missile Crisis-American spy planes spotted Soviet missiles on Cuba
    -U.S president Kennedy put a blockade around the islandstopping delivery of any missiles
    -Soviet ships turned back before reaching the blockade and the Cuban Missile Crisis was over
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    -Canada didn't get involved in the war
    -American draft dogers sought out to Canada for refuge to aviod American conscription to Vietnam
    -May 22, 1969 Canada announced that immigration officials cannot ask about military status
  • Canada- Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada- Soviet Hockey Series
    Canada and Soviet Hockey Series-Hockey series created of top Soviet teams and Canadian team composed of NHL players
    -Russia gave Canada a run for theor money
    -Paul Henderson scored winning goal to break a tie
    -good for Canada's Nationalism
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    Fall of the Berlin Wall
    Footage of the Fall of the Berlin Wall-Barrier in Germany deviding east and west Berlin
    -Democracy v.s communism
    -spokesman from east Berlin announced a change in his cities relations with west Berlin and announced that citizens of berlin were not to be seperated anymore
    -Reunification of east and west Berlin made official on October 3, 1990
  • Fall of Soviet Union part 1

    Fall of Soviet Union part 1
    End of USSR- Discovery Channel-Soviet Union seperated into 15 seperate countries
    -Gorbachev believed that the Soviet Union had to have a better relaionship with the rest of the world
    -He announced that they pulled out troops from Afganastan and reduced Soviet power in Eastern Europe
    - in november 1989 Czechoslovakia overthrew their country’s Communist government and became independant
    -One by one the Baltic states decalred their independance from the Soviet Union
  • The fall of the Soviet Union part 2

    The fall of the Soviet Union part 2
    -And after all the countries decalred independance from the USSR, the Soviet Union had Fallen