Cold war 1970

Canada's Role in the Cold War

By BellaP
  • Spies in Canada: Gouzenko Affair

    Spies  in Canada: Gouzenko Affair
    the Gouzenko affair- Gouzenko was trained in intelligence work
    - assigned to the soviet embassy
    - discovered soviet intelligence opporated spy networks in Canada and other Western countries
    - Spies stole secrets of atomic bombs
    - in fear of being sent back to Russia (a comunist contry angry at US) he offered to tell government information about spied in return for permenent protection
    - didn't take him seriouslt until they attempted to kidnap him
    - 18/39 spies were help responsible
    -Gouzenko hid rest of life
  • Quebec's Padlock Law

    Quebec's Padlock Law
    • Law gave police the right to seal off any properties owned by communist literature or activity and deport non-citizens
    • denied freedom of speech to people
    • could be incarcerated if involved in prohibited media activities -act of provence of Quebec, by Union National Government Maurice Duplessis
    • put a padlock on the door and prevent the use of the building
  • UN Peacekeeping

    UN Peacekeeping
    -Tension between Egypt and British over who owns the Suez canal
    - Egypt want the canall because their men helped buil it for easy access into the Meditarranean from the red river
    -Egypt is allies with Russia and British with the US both countries have atomic bombs so to avoid an atomic war there were peacekeepers
    -killed anyone who threatened the peace
    leader of peacekeeping is Lester B. Pearson who won a Nobel peacekeeping prize in 1957
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    berlin blockade-Berlin, occupied with all four war time allies but was within baorders of the soviet controled region of east Germany
    -USA tryed to get west Germany to be its own nation
    -Soviet union leader Joseph Stalin than blocked all transportation to and from Berlin denying about 2 mil people food, fuel, and necessities
    -US wanted to battle through the blokade
    -Harry Truman instead had airforce fly over blokade delivering supplies and sparing many lives avoiding battle and the parishing of Berlin
  • International Alliances: NATO

    International Alliances: NATO
    -The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an organization of people looking to protect against and/or end the Soviet agression
    -members pledge to defend against enemy threats and attacks
    - Canada, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and USA members of NATO
    - Warsaw pack is Germany and its allies against NATO
    - these two allied groups led into the cold war
    - promoting peace and security of allied countries
  • the forgotten war : The Korean War

    the forgotten war : The Korean War
    the forgotten war - forgotten because it wasn't really a battle 3 year conflict, never resolved
    - China under communist control tryed to take over Asia and make it communist
    -korea under US leadership, US troops fought in battle on koreas behalf
    -3 milion koreans were killed
    -battle was about defeating communism
    -Korean ponincula is still up today
  • Avro Arrow and its cancellation

    Avro Arrow and its cancellation
    History of the Avro Arrow -was a interceptor jet aircraft made by Canadians
    -made to counter threats of Soviet
    -governments controversial cancelled project in 1959
    -might have become fastest airplane in the world
    -threats of soviet bombers became false and US would not buy the planes because they didn't need defending
    -many people lost their jobs
    -Billions of dollars where lost in the building of these jets.
    -about 600 jets were made at about 2 million dollars to create each
  • The Vietnam war

    The Vietnam war
    The Vietnam war
    -North vietnam victory
    -American forces withdrew
    -Canada didn't want to send troops becuase didn;t want to fight without support of United Nations
    -thought sadon wasn't a threat of world peace
    -Canada didn't perticipate in battle
  • Sputnik and Canada's Space Program

    Sputnik and Canada's Space Program
    The Sputnik-Soviets launch first Spunik satellite
    -rocket that takes sputnik up to space could also deliver warhead to North America
    -thinking they had a military disadventage they build long range missil ICMBs soviets then made long range missile as well
    -sviet misseles were in Cuba
    -US presedent wanted a blockade around Cuba to insure no weapons were dilivered to the missels instead they sent experts to examin suspected missile bases
    -Soviet ships turned back before blockage and went home ending threat
  • Continential alliances

    Continential alliances
    -Air defence agreement signed by Canada and USA
    -air defence surviellance and warning of the cold war attacks of soviet union
    -NORAD headquarters in charge of defensive/offensive weapons
    -US dominant leader makes the major policy and leadership decisions
    -technology allowed them to set up distant early warning (DEW)
    -could pick up enemy aircraft from 4800km away
    -US prioritizes on having no attacks by Soviet union by threatening massive retaliation.
  • Diefenbaker, Bomarc missiles and nuclear warheads in Canada

    Diefenbaker, Bomarc missiles and nuclear warheads in Canada
    -Bomont missile was made by the US
    -the missile could shoot right into Russia from where it was and it was created to defend against to Soviet Union and their alliances
    -US wanted to bring missels into Canada so they had a better shot bu they added nuclear weapons attached to the missile
    -Canadian Prime Ministor did not want nuclear weapons in Canada
    -would allow the missils but no the nuclear weapons
    -because US was not allowed to bring in their rockets they eventually gave up on the missiles
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuban Missile Crisis-The closest the worl ever cam to nuclear war
    -USA was ready to use nuclear weapons on the ememy
    -Soviet Union was ready to use nuclear weapon in Cuba it the island was invaded
    -John F. Kennedy told Soviets we would take down our weapons if they took their away
    -lasted 13 days
    -soviet union withdrew their weapons from Cuba
    -Soviets and USA agreed not to attack unless provoked
  • Canada - Soviet Hockey Series

    Canada - Soviet Hockey Series
    hockey series -Canadians played hockey against the Soviets in a whole hockey series
    -Soviets won 7-3 in opening game
    -was an eight game showdown between hockeys two superpowers
    -first compitition between Soviets and Canadians
    -4 games in Canada 4 in Moscow
    - Canada won 5 out of eight games
  • The Fall of The Berlin Wall

    The Fall of The Berlin Wall
    fall of the berlin wall -concrete wall was 12 ft. tall and 106 km long
    -made by German democratic republic
    -kept people from fleeing east Germany and going to west
    -after the alliances broke up it was everyone against Germany west ansd east
    -battle between democracy and communism
    -repression/bad working made them want to leave
    -greatest symbol of cold war taken down reunited eaat + west Germany
  • The Fall Of the Soviet Union

    The Fall Of the Soviet Union
    -Soviet Union fell into 15 seprate countries
    -was done by the west
    -victory for freedom
    -freedom of a triumph of democracy over totalitarianism
    -freedom of a triumph of democracy over totalitarianism
    -changed world political situation
    changed alliances and military all over the world