Keeping a cold war cold

Canada's Role In The Cold War

  • Quebecs padlock laws

    Quebecs padlock laws
    Quebec passes a law to prevent communist propoganda. This gave the Quebec government the power to shut down anyone printing communist propoganda.
  • The Gouzenko affair

    The Gouzenko affair
    The soviet embassador, Igor Gouzenko, gave up a ring of soviet spies in Canada in exchange for Canadian protection. We didn't take him seriously, but then the soviets tried to kidnap him and he went under Canadian protection.we caught many of the soviet spies, and this ultimatly started the cold war.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    The berlin airliftThe soviet union built a wall across west berlin, in an attempt to seperate Soviet Union and Germans as well as blocking off their supplies. Supplies were simply flown over the wall, but the soviet union still suceeded in making the Germans very unhappy and trapping thousands of people in a single city.
  • International Alliances: NATO

    International Alliances: NATO
    A history of natoNATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This treaty was formed because several countries were getting worried about their national security. Therefore, twelve countries formed this pact to protect its members from soviet aggression. the treaty states that if one member of the organization was attacked, then the rest would help with defence. This pact was met by the soviets with the Warsaw Pact.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    The Korean War Memorial VideoThis occured when Communist North Korea, supported by Communist China, attacked South Korea. The United States urged the United Nations to assist South Korea to fight off North Korea. Only 16 agreed to help, Canada among them. Canadians saw action in this war and helped keep the uneasy truce in 1953.
  • The Vietnam War and Draft Dodgers in Canada

    The Vietnam War and Draft Dodgers in Canada
    Draft Dodgers RagThe US got involved in the Vietnam war helping South Vietnam trying to defend from a communist takeover.The war was very bloody, with a lot of soldiers going insane from the stress of fighting Guerilla soldiers, so the US started conscription. Lots of people objected, and many potential draftees escaped to Canada.
  • The Suez Crisis

    The Suez Crisis
    the events leading up to the suez crisis in 3 minsEgypt decides to take full control of the Suez canal. Britan and France decide to work with Israel (Egypts biggest enemy) to try to get it back. the soviet Union thretened to come to Egypts aid. The whole thing could have turned into a huge war, but luckily the UN called an emergency meeting and Lester B. Pearsons Peacekeeping plan the issue was resolved.
  • Sputnik And Canada's Space Program

    Sputnik And Canada's Space Program
    The Launch Of SputnikThe Soviets launched the first satelite (yay!). however, the rocket that put Sputnik into orbit could be used as a nuclear wepon and could be fired anywhere in North America. Afraid of Soviet advantage, the Americans responded by getting long range missiles. Then Soviets feared American advantage, creating an arms race/
  • Continental Alliances: NORAD and DEW line

    Continental Alliances: NORAD and DEW line
    History of the DEW lineIn 1958 we signed the North American Air Defence Agreement. This was an agreement to help defend each other from nuclear attacks. We permitted the Americans to Create many Northern defence installations called the DEW line (Distant Early Warning System) .this ment that if any nuclear warheads were headed to the US, Canada would warn them.
  • Avro Arrow and its Cancellation

    Avro Arrow and its Cancellation
    After John Diefenbaker was elected, he cancelled the Avro Arrow, which was going to be a supersonic interceptor jet aircraft built entirely by Canadians, and decided to order pre-made American Bomrac missiles instead. This decision cost 14 000 Canadians their jobs
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis
    The Soviet Union plants missiles on Cuba that could be potentially launched at the US. The US then sets up a blockade to prevent more Soviet wepons being brought to Cuba. There is a Navel standoff, and luckily there is no conflict and the USSR ships head home. This could have lead to war, and Canada feels that they should have been consulted, and pursued more peacefull means.
  • Diefenbaker, Bomrac missiles, and nuclear warheads in Canada

    Diefenbaker, Bomrac missiles, and nuclear warheads in Canada
    The Canadian Cabinet was divided on allowing nuclear warheads into Canada. On one hand, they had agreed to NORAD and had already purchased Bomrac missiles. On the other, this would be inconsistent with foreign policy and many Canadians didnt want nuclear wepons on Canadian soil. Eventually, Prime Minister Diefenbaker lost the confidence of the house.
  • The Canada-Soviet Hockey Series

    The Canada-Soviet Hockey Series
    Paul Henderson's GoalIn the games last seconds, Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in a championship hockey game between the Canadians and the Soviets. this was a huge boost for Canadian morale.
  • the Fall of the Berlin Wall

    the Fall of the Berlin Wall
    The Fall of the Berlin WallAt midnight, east Germany's communist rulers gave the order to open checkpoints after nearly 3 decades of seperating the city of berlin in half.
  • The Fall of the Soviet Union

    The Fall of the Soviet Union
    Events Leading to Soviet Union FallThis was when, after a failed coup attempt and general unrest with the system from the people, Mickhail Gorbachev, the leader of the soviet union, disolved the soviet union. Any countries who wished to were free to become independent states.