Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table

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    Finding Elements

    Finding Elements
    The Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first person to record a element. (this was in BC)
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    Discovering Atoms

    Discovering Atoms
    Democritus another greek philosopher discovered the atom when he asken "If you break a piece of matter in half, and then break it in half again, how many breaks will you have to make before you can break it no further?" this lead him to think about the smallest possiable bit of matter which he called ATOMS! (this was in BC)
  • Preposition

    Isaac Newton peposed that our universe was made up of manny smaller masses that were in motion or vibrating.
  • John Dalton

    John Dalton
    John Dalton discovered that elements were made up of all the same atoms. He also discovered why some atoms reacted to gases and water and why others didn't.
  • The Periodic Table was made

    The Periodic Table was made
    Dmitri Mendeleev a russian chemist invented this table of elements. This graphing has hepled many other experimants as reactivity of the elements are more clear and enlemts are more orgnised.
  • Finding the structure of an Atom

    Finding the structure of an Atom
    The gold foil experiment was preformed by Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsdenand directed by Ernest Rutherford. The gold foil experiment resulted in the finding of the nuclues of an atom and helped understand the structure of the atom
  • Splitting the atom

    Splitting the atom
    Ernest Rutherford split the atom in 1917 in a Wellington. Sir Rutherford's photo is now placed on our $100 dollar note as a way to say congradulations for this achievement and is one of New Zealands most famous scientists.
  • Anti Particles

    Anti Particles
    Paul Dirac made the realisation that both positve and negative parts were inside an atom. Paul also relised the existence of a positive particle having the same mass and charge as the known (negative) electron.
  • Splitting the nuclues

    Splitting the nuclues
    The first experiment to split the nucleus was performed by students from Cambridge University or more commonly known as University of Otago thes students were working Sir Rutherford's direction in Wellington.
  • Chain Reactions

    Chain Reactions
    Enrico Fermi was an Italian theoretical and experimental physicist. Eneico conducted an experiment which allowed energy to be realeased from the nucleus within an atom. Unfortuantly made a chain reaction which relsulted in the invention of the atomic bomb. Today Enrico Fermi is also refured to as the 'godfather of ther atomic bomb.'
  • A Written Song

    A Written Song
    In 2009 an song was published about splitting the atom by Massive Attack. :)