Atom diagram

Atomic Theory

  • 340


    Aristotle beleived there in an atom there were four elements and four qualities, and that they would be in the same place they began when at rest.
  • Period: 340 to

    Atomic Theory

  • 440


    Democritus believed atoms were hard and small particles followed by one substance and in one shape. He thought they were always moving and combined with each other.
  • Robert Boyle

    Boyle believed that gasses are made up of tiny particles that group together.
  • Antoine Lavoisier

    Lavoisier created the idea of having on single -common language for all of science to use.
  • John Dalton

    Dalton believe that the reason elements combined was because all elements are made up of atoms.
  • J.J Thomson

    Thomson used a cathode ray tube to discover that there are small particles inside of every atom.
  • Hantaro Nagoaka

    Nagoaka developed an early but incorrect model of the atom.
  • Ernest Rutherford

    Rutherford create an expirament, he shot a positively charged beam of particles through a sheet of gold foil.
  • Neils Bohr

    Bohr suggested that electrons travel around the nucleus in definite paths.
  • Quantum Mechanical Model

    This is the current day model of an atom and is based on a theory of quantum mechanics. Each electron is a cloud, of negative charge, instead of one tiny negative particle. It is believed in this model that electrons fill all of the space in an atom at different levels.