David Kelly Scientist Timeline

  • 300

    Democritus suspects atoms

    Democritus suspects atoms
  • 300

    Aristotle Says different

    Aristotle Says different
    Aristotle says his theory of the atom to change everything.
  • Dalton's 5 Postulates

    Dalton's  5 Postulates
    1)All Atoms of any one element are exactly alike in all aspects; in particular, same weight.
    2)Atoms of different elements have different properties; in particular, different weight.
    3)A compound, as distinguished from an element is composed of a certain definite integral number of atoms of each of the elements present.
    4)In the chemical reactions that may occur, none of the atoms are destroyed and no new ones are created.
    5)When elements react, their atoms sometimes combine in more than one
  • John Newlands

    John Newlands
    John Newlands publishes his incorrect periodic table
  • Crooke's Tubes

    Crooke's Tubes
    Used cathode rays tubes and discovered cathode rays which indicated that different atoms were of the same material.
  • JJ Thomson electron

    JJ Thomson electron
    Discovered the electron using Crooke's tubes.
  • Mendeleev table

    Mendeleev table
    Mendeleev creates the first correct periodic table
  • Rutherford nucleus

    Rutherford nucleus
    Rutherford discovers the nucleus during an experiment.
  • Bohr

    Bohr discovers the proton.