FFA Timeline

  • FFA Founded

    The FFA, Future Farmers of America, was founded in 1928. The FFA was created as a means to provide agricultural education to boys and men of rural areas.
  • Women Can Join the FFA

    Before 1969, women were not allowed to be full members in the FFA; they could only be honorary members known as sweethearts. At the 42nd National FFA Convention, a vote passed to allow women to join the FFA as full, official members.
  • NFA Meshes with the FFA

    Before 1965, men of color were not allowed to join the FFA. However, the organization for men of color, New Farmers of America, grew to have over 58,000 members, it's enormity leading to the absorbtion of NFA into the FFA in 1965.
  • First Female National Officer

    In 1976 Julia Smiley become the first female member to become a national FFA officer.
  • First Female National President

    In 1982 Jan Eberly became the first female member to be elected as the national FFA president.
  • First Female Star Farmer

    In 2002 Karlene Lindow was named Star Farmer, the FFA’s highest agricultural award, making it the first time a female member had ever won the coveted award.
  • Local Beginnings

    In 2004, the local Midd-West FFA chapter was formed after West Snyder High School merged with Middleburg High School.
  • Local Livestock Barn Built

    The local FFA chapter built a livestock barn near the high school to create opportunities for hands-on learning with raising and caring for livestock such as cows.
  • Sheep Come to Town

    The local Midd-West chapter bred sheep as part of their hands-on learning projects. The sheep and their lambs live in the livestock barn, built in 2017.
  • The Local FFA Today

    Our local Midd-West FFA chapter is still heavily involved in the community. From produce sales and flower arrangement fundraisers to livestock showing and working at the FFA food booth at the local Beaver Fair the members of the Midd-West FFA are dedicated to learning about agriculture and using their learnings to help the community.