Yuri Gagarin

By Seth5A
  • Born

    Yuri was born in march 9th.
  • Period: to

    Yuri Gagarin

  • Moves to Gzhatsk

    He and his family moved to Gzhatsk.
  • Soviet Air force

    Drafted into the Soviet Air Force.
  • Marriage

    He married Valentina Goryacheva.
  • Lietuant

    He became a Lietuant
  • Senior Lieutant

    He recieved the rankk of Senior Lietuant
  • Cosmonaut trainig

    Chosen cosmonaut training
  • Space

    Become the first person in space
  • Vostok 1

    becomes first person to go on a Vostok 1
  • Death

    Dies in a airplane crash for a second space missioni.