WW2 1938- 1940

Timeline created by Thanos.S
  • First blood

    Hitler annexes Austria-Hungary and later in the year he annexes Czechoslovakia. The Allies do not interfere.

    The Allies warn Hitler to not invade Poland. Hitler does not want to fight on two fronts. So he makes an agreement with leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, to invade Poland together. This worries the Allies and on September 3 1939, war began after Hitler invaded Poland.
  • The Phoney War

    The Phoney War
    The first few days of WW2 are called the Phoney war because no one actually did much. French troops would go up the Rhineland and set up artillery though maintained mostly defensive positions. Then the troops got bored and called it a day.
  • Dunkirk

    The Germans used an effective battle tactic called blitzkrieg. The used it to hit France hard with army group A while army group B encircled the French and English through the Ardeness region. The Ardeness was not heavily fortified because the French thought it was naturally impassible. The English and French got trapped along the coast at Dunkirk. Luckily, the majority of English got away and Britain was still in the fight.
  • Bye Bye Norway

    Bye Bye Norway
    The Germans fight for control of Denmark and Norway which they eventually conquer and annex. Though the people from Norway fought hard and inflicted heavy losses.
  • Winston Curchill

    Winston Curchill
    Winston Churchill is voted in for English prime Minister and that was a good decision.
  • Italy at war

    Italy at war
    Italy wants to get in the fight and declares war on Britain.
  • The blitz

    The blitz
    By summer, Germany had taken control of most of Europe and now turned his attention to Britain, Thinking it would be an easy fight. (Boy were they wrong). They wanted to land their force on Britain but to do that they needed total aerial and naval superiority. So they started on RAF bases. Though one day a group of German bombers lost their way and bombed London by accident. Churchill responded by bombing Berlin. Hitler got furious and turned his attention to London. In a great bombing for mon
  • Axis

    Germany Italy and Japan sign the tripartite pact and become allies. The Axis powers are officially formed and they all get into the fight.
  • The winter war

    The winter war
    After the Soviet Union annexes a few more states like Latvia and Lithuania, Stalin turns his attention to Finland. He thought it would be an easy victory, though the Finnish soldiers fought hard and the Soviet attacks were very ineffective. During the war, the best sniper in history, Simo Haya (The white death), came in place. Having over 500 confirmed kills. Eventually, the Finnish were forced to sue for peace.