wandering of the Magyars

By v.dori
  • 1600 BCE

    Presumed ancient home

    Presumed ancient home
    -until 500BC
  • 500 BCE

    Magna Hungaria

    Magna Hungaria
    -learnt new ways of life
    -7 tribes
    -overpopulation -> Levédia
  • 600


    -organised nomadic "state"
    -dual principality
    -they left (bc of taxes)
  • 700


    -between Don and Siret river
    -legend of the blood oath -> symbol of unity
    -Álmos/Árpád -> elected as Grand Prince
    -became indefensive
    -> Magyars fled to the Carpathian Basin
  • 895

    Carpathian Basin

    Carpathian Basin
    -conquest: 895
    -> Verecke-pass
    -> inhabitad (Bulgars, Avars)
    -895-899 - occupied Transylvania
    -defeated the Moravians (902)
    -defeated the Bavarians, Bulgars (907)
  • 907


    -west: monasteries, cities (not united, weaker)
    -47 all together
    -> 38: Italy, Frank Empire
    -> 9: Bulgarian Empire, Byzantine Empire
    -goal: plundering, intimidate neighbors, scouting, conquer
    -end: Ausburg-955 (I. Otto won)
  • 972

    Ruling of Grand Prince Géza

    Ruling of Grand Prince Géza
    • ended the Hungarian wandering
    • son of Taksony
    • his wife: Sarolt (daughter of the ruler of Transylvania)
    • his son: St. Stephen
    • foreign policy: sent ambassadors to the HRE -> Otto ll. offered peace, friendship
    • Géza asked for: -> priests, knights, wife for his son
    • joined Christianity (connection)