Violin HIstory

  • Jan 1, 1564

    First violin created

    First violin created
    Andrea Amatti created one of the first violins in Italy. Its shape was smaer and wider.
  • Dead of Stradivari

    Dead of Stradivari
    One of the most incredible violin maker dies. He made 1200 violins of ver good quality. Aproximatly 600 violins still survive
  • Carlo Bergonzi dies

    Carlo Bergonzi dies
    The last of the cremonse violin makers die.
  • phillip glass

    phillip glass
    The talented Glass performed his Violin Concerto
  • Nicolai Snaider

    Nicolai Snaider
    The danish violinist wins Queen Elizabeth music prize.
  • Shinicky Suzuki

    Shinicky Suzuki
    He was one of the primary followers of the Suzuki method dies. He was born in the 1950.
  • Isaac stern

    Isaac stern
    The legendaey Stern dies.
  • Stradivarius

    A stradivarious violin has the record of being sol in 3.5 million dolllars os auction.
  • Ruggiero Ricci

    Ruggiero Ricci
    The "talentoso" Ruggiero Ricci dies in Palm beach
  • Titanic Violin

    Titanic Violin
    The violin that was played while the titanic was drowning is found and is sold for 1.35 million dollars.