Museum front

Vaniman Mansion

  • Moving West

    Francis Allen "F.A." and Mary "Molly" Vaniman move to Scott County Kansa from Illinois.
  • Wedding Bells

    F.A. and Molly marry on February 13, 1887. They go on to have 5 children Grace, Viola, Wilbur, Rowena, and Elberta.
  • Moving West

    Mr. and Mrs. Vanimans move to McPherson from Scott County, Kansas. Mr. Vaniman serves as the president of People's State Bank from 1889- 1939.
  • Period: to

    Vaniman Mansion

  • Purchase

    Mr. Vaniman purchases alfalfa land from Euclid St. to Kansas Ave. owned by Frank Price.
  • Building Begins.

    Shephard and Wiser of Kansas City draw plans for and begin building Vaniman home in 1920.
  • Move In

    Vaniman Family moves into their newly constructed home just before Christmas of 1921.
  • Children

    Born in 1897 the only son of Mr and Mrs Vaniman Wilbur Francis Vaniman died in 1925 by drowning in California while attending college at the age of 28.
  • Students

    McPherson College student Ethel Sherfy Harris spend the summer of 1930 working as a maid in the Vaniman home.
  • Passing One

    Mr. Vaniman passes away on Christmas of 1949 at the age of 84.
  • Passing On

    Mrs. Vaniman passes away on March 14, 1955 at the age of 88.
  • Donated

    After the death of Mrs. Vaniman, the four Vaniman daughters donate the mansion to McPherson College.
  • Transition

    From 1959-1961 the mansion is used as the college Art Department.
  • Home away from Home

    For the school year to 1960-1961 the Vaniman home is used as a women's domitory.
  • Children

    Grace Vaniman Ingalls dies. The eldest Vaniman daughter lived from 1888-1960. At the age of 72.
  • Men Take Over

    For the 1961-1962 and 1962-1963 school years the Vaniman home becomes a men's dormitory. The house mother for these years was Florence Lauver.
  • Housing History

    In September of 1968 McPherson College moves its museum into the Vaniman mansion. It houses McPherson college memorabilia and history. The home has been a museum since this date.
  • Children

    Born in 1890 Viola Vaniman Nevin dies in 1972. At the age of 82
  • Children

    Born in 1902 Rowena Vaniman Sargent dies in 1979 at the age of 77.
  • Children

    Born in 1903 Elberta Vaniman Reed dies in 1994 and the age of 91.
  • City Owned

    In 1997 the City of McPherson purchases the museum and home from McPherson College. The museum now houses history and artifact from more than just the college.
  • Present and Future

    Currently the Vaniman Mansion is still the McPherson Museum. There are plans in the to move the museum to another location. The future of the mansion is up to the citizens of McPherson.