unfolding life

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  • life

    Musa ( age 5) started preschool with other children because it is the time to explore interpersonal skills through activities. In Erikson's third stage, initiative versus guilt, the crisis is between developing a sense of feeling secure in the ability to make decision( initiative) or feeling criticized or rejection by others ( guilt)
  • unfolding

    Musa (age 7) moved to another state with his family because he needed to start a new life and integrate a new elementary school. In Erikson's fourth stage industry versus inferiority, the crisis is between improving learning skills and showing creativity with confidence (industry ) and feeling different or less than others peers( inferiority).
  • young age

    Musa ( Age 16) integrated the music band of his school where he played piano.In Erikson's fifth stage ,identity versus identity confusion, the crisis is between establishing a sens to one's life by exploring personal values (identity) and not knowing where to fit within society (identity confusion).