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    Sam Houston

  • Sam Houston was born

    Sam Houston was born
    Sam Houston was born into a military family in Virginia
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    (not the exact date) His involvement in the War of 1812 launched Houston's political career
  • Elected as Congress

    (not exact date) Sam Houston elected to Congress
  • Reelected

    Reelected to Congress
  • Moved

    Sam Houston moved to the Indian lands in Arkansas
  • Living in Texas

    Living in Texas
    Sam Houston lived in Texas for at least part of the year
  • Continued Career

    Sam Houston continued his career as a United States Senator
  • Stopped Serving

    Stopped Serving
    Sam Houston stopped serving as a United States Senator
  • Voted to Seperate Union

    Voted to Seperate Union
    Texas voted to seperate from union and Sam held out
  • Died

    Sam Houston died on his farm in Huntsville,Texas