Timeline of Carl Linnaeus

By nomaura
  • Birth

    Carl Linnaeus born in Råshult, Småland, Sweden
  • Moves

    The family moves to Stenbrohult.
  • School

    Starts at "Växjö trivialskola" (school)
  • Lund

    Arrives in Lund to study medicine
  • Uppsala

    Moves to Uppsala and continues his studies in medicine.
  • Paper

    Writes his first academic paper: "Præludia sponsaliorum plantarum" ("On the prelude to the wedding of plants").
  • Lapland

    Sent to Lapland on a research journey
  • 1st edition of "Systema Naturae"

    Publishes the first edition of "Systema Naturæ" – his famous work classifying the natural world and outlines classification of plants based on reproductive organs; awarded medical doctorate in Holland
  • Period: to


    Publishes “Genera plantarum”, “Flora Lapponica”, “Critica botanica”, and “Hortus Cliffortianus”; establishes a medical practice in Stockholm.