Thomas Kuhn 1922-1996

  • Graduation 1949

    Thomas Kuhn graduates from Harvard College with a PhD in Physics but after several years working as a Harvard Junior Fellow, he decides to focus his efforts in the philosophy of science.
  • Professor of the History of Science - 1961

    Thomas Kuhn starts working for the University of California as a Professor of the History of Science. Here he was introduced wo Stanlely Cavell and Paul Feyerabend. They begin work on "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions"
  • The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

    This is Thomas Kuhns masterpiece. In it he argues that science does not gradually advance at a slow pace, but it jumps and sprints toward truth when the paradigm shifts and a scientific revolution occurs.
  • A Rockstar of Philosophy

    As his published works introduced the idea of "paradigm shifts", that exact thing happened in the realm of Philosophy. Kuhn Left Berkeley to work at Princeton University, there he continued defending his position of scientific revolutions. In 1969 he became the President of the History of Science Society.