Thomas Kuhn (18 July 1922 -17 June 1996)

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  • Graduation

    In 1943, Kuhn graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College with an S.B. After graduation, he worked for the Radio Research Laboratory located in Harvard’s biology building
  • Degree

    In 1946, Kuhn passed the general examinations and received a master’s degree in physics. He then began dissertation research on theoretical solid-state physics, under the direction of van Vleck.
  • Doctorate

    In 1949, Harvard awarded Kuhn a doctorate in physics.
  • Structure

    In 1962 Kuhn completed a draft Structure, it was published as the final monograph in the second volume of Neurath’s International Encyclopedia of Unified Science. Structure was not a single publishing event in 1962; rather, it covered the years from 1962 to 1970.
  • Growth

    13 July 1965, Kuhn participated in an International Colloquium in the Philosophy of Science organized jointly by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and by the London School of Economics and Political Science. Where he delivered the initial paper comparing his and Karl Popper’s conceptions of the growth of scientific knowledge.
  • Dream

    In 1979, Kuhn moved to M.I.T.’s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.
  • Progress

    In 1983, Kuhn was appointed the Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy. He took on a linguistic way in his thinking, reflecting his new environment, which had a major impact on his subsequent work
  • Citation

    Marcum, James. Thomas S. Kuhn (1922—1996).