Theatre History

  • Period: to

    English Resoration Period

    Congreve, Wycherley, Aphra Behn; Proscenium, women, unities, NO decorum
  • Period: to

    George Lillo's Life

  • Period: to

    The Englightenment

    discovery, sci, question tradition, look to future
  • Period: to

    Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Proto-Rom: Discourse on Inequality
  • Period: to

    Denis Diderot's Life

  • Steele's "The Conscious Lovers"

    Sentimental Comedy: "Comedy too exquisite for laughter"
  • Period: to

    G.E. Lessing's Life

  • Lillo's "The London Merchant"

  • Period: to

    Pierre Beaumarchais's Life

  • Lessing's "Miss Sara Sampson"

    middle class tragedy
  • "Melodrama" coined by Rousseau in "Pygmalion"

  • Beachmarchais's "Eugenie"

    DRAME in france
  • Lessing is 1st Dramaturg

  • Period: to

    August Wilhelm Schlegel's Life

    German Romantic Theorist
  • Period: to

    Strum and Grand

  • Diderot's "The Paradox of Acting" written

  • Period: to

    Ludwig Tiech's Life

  • Period: to

    Henrich von Kleist's Life

    Essay on Marionette Theatre
  • Beamarchais's "The Marriage of Figaro"

    Domestic Comedy
  • Lessing's "Nathan the Wise"

  • Period: to

    Weimar Classism

  • Pixerecourt's "Coelina" first real melodrama

  • Period: to


  • Period: to


  • Tieck's Kaiser Octavianus

  • Period: to

    Victor Hugo's Life

  • Period: to

    Georg Buchner's Life

  • "Well-Made Play" developed by Scribe

  • Stone's "The Last of the Wampanoag"

    Romantic Melodrama
  • Diderot's "The Paradox of Action" published

  • Hugo's "Hernani"

  • "Well-made play" perfected

  • Buchner's "Woyzeck" written

  • Stowe writes "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

  • Aiken adapts "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

  • Boucicault's "The Poor of New York"

    Urban Melodrama
  • Boucicault's "Octoroon"

  • Daly's "Under the Gaslight"

  • Period: to

    Vaudeville Entertainment

  • Pasto transforms Vaudeville

    Keith and Albee later establish
  • Vaudeville chains of theatres

  • Buchner's "Woyzeck" published

  • Vaudeville gives way to radio and film