The Runner

  • Bullet turns 18

    Bullet bought a boat for his mother on this day so she didn`t have to use the wooden one his father gave to her, which is not a very good boat. Bullet also enlists in the army today.
  • First day of track season

    This is the first day of Track for Bullet Timmerman
  • Tamer Shipp joins the track team

    Tamer Shipp is the only African American that joined the track team
  • First track meet

    This is the first track meet of the season and the first time Bullet raced against Tamer. Tamer was not far behind Bullet, but Bullet won.
  • Bullet gives Tamer a job option

    Bullet talked to his friend that he bought the boat for his mother from and knew that he needed a helper. Tamer does not have alot of money and is very poor so Bullet gives Tamer the information for the job.
  • Bullet won the race before the final 5 mile race

    Bullet beat eveyone in his race and now was ready for the five mile race coming up which is going to be the final race of the season.
  • Bullet came in 3rd in the final race

    Bullet had a preliminary before the final race and he came in third and then in the finals again he placed third also beating two kids in the last straight away of the race.
  • Bulllet leaves for the army

  • Bullet dies in action

    Mrs.Tillerman gets a phone call saying that her son Bullet was killed in action.
  • Bullet`s mother leaves

    Bullet`s mom leaves the family because she realizes how bad her relationship with his father is and she finds out that her son dies.