The life of Percy Shelley

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  • bith of Percy Shelley

    Shelley was born on Aug 4 1792 in Horsham Sussex, England
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    the life of Percy Shelley

  • sent to school

    Shelley was sent to a bording school when he was 10 years of age.
  • college

    Shelley got into Oxford College in 1810
  • against normal marrige

    Shelley thought that marrige was unnecessary if two poeple loved each other, so when he and Harriet Godwin-his first wife- decied to elope, at the time Harriet was only 16
  • neverous attacks

    Shelley started to suffer from neverour attacks, which started in early 1812, that led to sleep walk and to him having dreams where would be attacked by someone or something.
  • new dad

    Harriet gave birth to Elizbeth Ianthe, Shelley was now a father.
  • Cheater!!

    Shelley fell out of love with his current wife oand fell in love with a girl named Mary Godwin
  • first taste of fame

    Shelley worte the Alastor, the piece that brought him fame.
  • SUICIDE!!!!

    Mary's sister Franny commited suicide in late october
  • another break up

    Shelley's marriage with Mary was failing apart
  • death of first sin born

    in 1819 William became ill soon after he died
  • Shelley's death

    On the 8th of July Percy Shelley drowned after a ship he was on sank.