The Life of Dred Scott

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  • Dred Scott was Born

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    The Life of Dred Scott

  • Dred scotts New Owner

    His first owner Peter Blow died in 1830s he was sold to an U.S army Docter John Emerson
  • Dred Scott and Harriett Robinson

    In 1836 Dred Scott fell in love with a slave of another army doctor 19-year-old Harriett Robinson.
  • Dred Scott had two children

    Dred Scott had two children, Eliza Scott and Lizzie Scott.
  • Dred Scott files lawsuit

    In 1846, with the help of antislavery lawyers, Harriet and Dred Scott filed idividual lawsuits for their freedom in Missori state court in St.Louis.
  • Dred Scott Goes into court for his freedom

    In 1846 Dred Scott made history by launching a legal battle to gain his freedom. That he had lived with Dr. Emerson in free territories.
  • Dred Scotts Case appeals to supreme lcourt

  • Supreme court decision

    On March 6, 1857 the supreme court decision in Dred Scott was issued. Seven of the nine judges agreed with the outcome delivered by Chief Justice Roger Taney, who announced that slaves are not citizens of the United States, and therefore had no right to sue in federal courts.
  • Dred Scott was granted his freedom

    Dred Scott was granted freedom by the Blow family after Mrs. Emereson remarried and returned Dred Scott and his family back to them.
  • Dred Scotts death

    Dred Scott died of tuberculosis on September 17, 1858