The Life Of Asa Mercer And The Mercer Girls

By davetar
  • Asa Mercer Was Born In Princeton, Illinois

    Asa Mercer was born in Princeton, Illinois
  • Mercer Graduated From Franklin College In Ohio

  • Mercer First Visited Seattle To Visit His Brothers

  • Mercer Became The President Of The Territorial University

  • Mercer Wrote A Letter To The New York Times

  • Mercer Arrived In Lowell Massachusetts

  • Mercer Announced His Mission To The Public

  • First Trip Left For Seattle

  • Second Trip Left For Seattle

  • Mercer Married Mercer Girl Annie E, Stephens

  • Mercer Became A Newspaper Editor In Wyoming

  • Mercer Became Involved In The Johnson County War

  • Mercer Published The Book "The Banditti Of The Plains"

  • Mercer Died In Obscurity In Wyoming