The Great Gatsby

  • Nick is invited to the Buchanans' home for dinner

  • Tom and Nick Visit Myrtle

  • Nick gets an invite to one of Gatsbys party

    He finnally meets Gatsby
  • Nick and Gatsby go out to lunch

    Nick finds out about Gatsbys past
  • Nick has Gatsby and Daisy over for tea

    Gatsby and Daisy rekindle their love for one another
  • Tom and Sloane come over to Gatsbys for dinks

  • Tom and Gatsby fight over Daisy

    Gatsby tells Daisy to tell the truth about not loving Tom. Tom tells Dasiy about Gatsbys illigal buisness.
  • Myrtle's death

    Daisy hits Myrtle after she started running toward the car thinking it was Tom. Gatsby tells people he hit Myrtle to save Daisy.
  • Wilson shoots Gatsby and himself

  • Gatsbys funeral