Michael Corleone Rise to Power

By ksnowy5
  • Michael is born

    Don Vito and Carmella become parents to Michael Corleone
  • Sollozzo is killed

    Michael murders Sollozzo and establishes much respect within his family
  • Michael Leaves

    After the murder it is not safe for Michael so he flees to sicily
  • Sonny dies

    Michaels brother Sonny is murdered a previous act he committed
  • Michael is sworn in

    Michael takes his last confession at church, signifying his move into the head role of the Corleone crime family
  • Michael Remarries

    michael marries Kay
  • Michael becomes official

    After learning under his father for 2 years, Michael takes complete control over the Corleone operation
  • Don Vito dies

    Michaels father passes away just 3 years after giving Michael control of the family