The Congo and after the Congo

  • is travelling before

    Stanley travelled Zanzibar in March 1871 and outfitted an expedition with the best of everythng , requirring no fewer than 200 porters this 700 miles (1 100 km) expedition through the tropical forest became a nightmare
  • Life on the ship along with who else?

    Henry Stanley leave with Dr Thomas Heazle parker ,Robert H nelson,William G stairs,and Arthur J.M.Jephson ,them's life was on a boat they take 999 days to go in congo
  • Is life to congo

    Their voyage was to explore the river of congo,their mission was hard because stanley used sectional boats to pass the great cataracts separating the congo into distinct tracts.After 999 days ,on 9 of August 1877, Stanley reached a portuguese outpost at the mouth of the congo river. Starting with 356 people , only 114 had survived the expedition,of whom stanley was the only European. he wrote about his trial in his book.
  • Period: to

    stanley pass away

    my explorer pass away on 10 may 1904 (aged 63)
  • Is meet

    stanley meet Leopold II
  • Period: to

    in congo

  • After his pass away

    He said he was his fault if Leopold II died and LinvingStone and the rest of the team