The 1970's

  • First Earth Day

    First Earth Day
    This is the day when the first Earth Day was celebrated
  • 26th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

    This Amendment was ratified allowing people to vote at 18 rather than 21.
  • Aswan Dam was Completed

    The Aswan Dam was built on the Nile River between Egypt and Sudan to stop the Nile from flooding.
  • EPA Created

    EPA Created
    The Environmental Protection Agency was created to protect human health and the environment.
  • Cigarette ads are Banned on TV

    Cigarette ads no longer premiered on tv.
  • Walt Disney World Opens

    Walt Disney World Opens
    Walt Disney World opens to the public in Orlando, Florida.
  • Cat Scan Invented

    Cat Scan Invented
    The CT scan was introduced and invented by Godfrey Hounsfield. He was rewarded with a Noble Peace Prize for medical and science.
  • The Vietnam War Ends

    The Vietnam War Ends
    The war is over and everyone has gone home. It is signed by the Paris Peace Accords.
  • Microsoft was Found

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership called Microsoft that brought computers and desktops.
  • Tangshan Earthquake

    Tangshan Earthquake
    A 7.8 earthquake hit Tangshan, China killing over 240,000 people. It was the deadliest earthquake of the 20th century.
  • Elvis Presley Dies

    Elvis Presley Dies
    Elvis was found dead in a bathroom at Graceland. He died from a myocardial infarction.
  • Nuclear-Proliferation Pact Signed

    It was a pact signed by 15 countries to "curb" the spread of nuclear weapons.
  • First Test-Tube Baby Born

    First Test-Tube Baby Born
    Lesley Brown was experimented in a fertilization procedure. The egg was implanted back into her and she gave birth to a 5lb 12oz baby girl.
  • ESPN starts Broadcasting

    ESPN starts Broadcasting
    It started out as a "sports" section in newspapers, then it eventually turned into a tv channel.
  • Mother Teresa wins a Nobel Peace Prize

    Mother Teresa wins a Nobel Peace Prize
    Mother Teresa wins a Nobel Peace Prize for helping the poor and curing sick people.