Sylvester Stallone

Timeline created by Joel Anaya Duque
  • He was born

    He was born
    Born in New York on July 6, 1946, he's an American actor, screenwriter, producer and film director. Stallone is a big star of Hollywood action movies.
  • His mistakes

    His mistakes
    In his quest for luck in New York, Stallone found that physical appearance was not enough for opportunities to come. That is why he decided to read and understand the philosophy of many intelligent men...
  • Rocky

    The movie "Rocky" was his greatest success. He saw the fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, a fight on which the fundamental idea of ​​the Rocky movie is based.
  • Period: to

    His children

    In 1976, his first son, Sage, was born. In 1979 his second son, Seargeoh, was born. In 1996, his third daughter, Sophia Rose, was born. In 1998 his fourth daughter, Sistine Rose was born and finally in 2002 his last (currently) daughter Scarlett Rose was born.
  • His oscar prize

    His oscar prize
    They gave the Golden Globe to the best supporting actor, for the first Creed movie.