SOE, psycho

  • Hanging out

    SS, MDW, FW, others hang out regularly. At some point between now and June 1998, SS and MDW date briefly; ends poorly, with angst and drama.
  • MDW to VT

    MDW starts freshman year at Virginia Tech
  • CK - Ohio

    CK in Ohio. Hell. Don't talk about it, left badly scarred, PTSD. Recovered in NH near Dartmouth.
  • CK to Blacksburg

    CK moves to Blacksburg, stays with DC/MC/Shen, then shares apartment with DB/C?, starts dating SL.
  • Alleged incident SS/MDW

    According to SS, MDW is home on spring break. They go out, he hands her something to drink, she wakes up several hours later in different clothes. Develops complex after, learns to shoot, etc. Actual intimate details unknown.
  • CK meets MDW

    Probably when CK met MDW?
  • CK moves to Fairfax

    Sometime over the summer CK to Fairfax; can't remember when. May have been late autumn, even.
  • CK working at RCN

    Started working at RCN
  • CK quits RCN

    CK quits in style
  • CK starts at NASA

    CK starts in SOHO EOF!
  • CK becomes CB

    Name change from King to Bailey. Did not use Bailey before this.
  • CB marries RY

  • CB leaves EOF

    CB quits EOF due to medical problems (diagnosed FMS in August) and to try to go back to school.
  • SS and MDW have lunch

    MDW lives in Herndon. SS contacts him, they have lunch. CCB is NOT discussed at all.
  • RB born

    RB born to CB and RY.
  • CB starts FOT

    CB starts in SOHO FOT
  • CB divorce from RY final

    Free at last.
  • CB RIFfed from FOT

    RIF from SOHO, automated now and reduced funding.
  • CB raped

    Reported to police, resulted in being fired from SGT
  • CB meets MV online

    Start talking with a guy who makes me laugh and is kinda cute
  • CB and MV meet, first date

    Sushi, he met me at my place and sent flowers beforehand and swept me off my feet; gut feeling "Oh. You." on both sides.
  • GB born

    GB born to CB and MV. RB delighted too. Why yes, we did hit it off.