Smart Case Timeline

  • Cindy and David Brooks

    Date approximate. Keep child for two days. Seems fine.
  • Wellness Check

    Date approx. Checkup for child w/Dr. Stallings. Child appears fine.
  • Hospital Admission

    Child taken to Gaston Memorial for anal bleeding.
  • Rib fracture

    Estimates from Gaston Memorial - rib fractures discovered on Tyson; estimated to be 2-3 weeks old.
  • Putative Eye Injury

    Date approx. Adam Smart claims this is when he tried to change child and let his head roll back off the chair.
  • Gary and Elizabeth Smart

    Adam's grandparents keep the child overnight. Notice small eye injury, but otherwise child seems fine.
  • Vomiting

    Per Adam Smart, child began throwing up milk. Mother's estimate of vomiting places the onset of symptoms a few days later than this.
  • Seizure

    Date approx. Mother notes twitching of arms of baby, which she later learns is a seizure.
  • Call to Dr. Stallings

    Child's temperature drops and he begins vomiting. Dr. Stallings is called; advises that child's caloric intake is too low.
  • Head wound infliction

    According to estimates, head wound discovered by Dr. Stallings was 24-48 hours old.
  • Vomiting Mucus Begins

    Mother notices white slimy spit-up, turns brown day later at the hospital.
  • Period: to

    Night prior to Admission

    Mother works 11 PM - 7 AM, leaving child with father.
    Mother returns at 7 AM, father leaves for work.
    Child is crying incessantly when mother returns. Mother calls father.
    Father returns home at 10:30 AM to take child to doctor.
    Parents appear to have been only people in custody of child since Saturday at the latest.
  • Admission to Gaston Hospital

    Admitted and examined by Dr. Stallings. Dr. performed spinal tap and observed potential cranial bleeding. Child transferred to Levine Med. Center.
  • Interview with Jennifer Smart

    Mother says, "It's shaken baby syndrome".
  • Secondary Injuries to Child

    Unsure of accuracy of date or account - report based on note of inmate in jail and subsequent testimony by Adam S. Adam and Jennifer Smart ingest pills recreationally and begin fighting. Adam tackles Jennifer while she is holding Tyson. Child appears "okay" afterward.
  • Police Report

    Report of Adam and Jennifer having hurt child while on pills; Adam has been discussing alibis with inmates in jail.