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Sigmund Freud

  • Birth

    Born Friebgerg, Czech Republic - Parents Jakob and Amalia
  • Period: to

    Sigmund Freud

  • Graduation

    Graduated high school and began study of Medicine at Vienna University
  • Degree

    Receives doctoate of medicine
  • Work

    Develops interest in cocaine and the effects both physical and psychological.
  • Work

    Partners with Jean Martin Charcot to study hysteria and hypnosis at Salpetriere Hospital
  • Marriage

    Marries Martha Bernays.
  • Work

    Publishes The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.
  • Work

    Publishes The Interpretation of Dreams.
  • Travel to America

    Clark University - Makes appearance with Carl Jung and Sandor Ferenczi.
  • Ego and Id

    Publishes The Ego and the Id
  • WW2

    Leaves Austria due to Nazi threat
  • Death

    London - Passes away due to cancer